Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★★

You stole from me. Not just who I was but who I could’ve been. You stole from me things I didn’t even have yet. You reached through time! You reached through time and you stole…” 

Mike Flanagan has done it again. He’s created a slow burn, deeply human horror story that uses its supernatural elements to highlight the nature of humanity. It’s introspective. It’s devastating. It’s comforting. It’s discomforting.

Flanagan unfolds a tale that shows the seemingly inherent corruptibility of man, of religion, and of community with an unflinching methodology. His latest feels especially profound for me, a former pastor who experienced directly and witnessed in others both the overwhelming joys of Christianity and the unspeakable abuses that occur under its name. 

Most definitely the slowest of Flanagan’s long-form works but believe me, the wait for the scares and true intention behind Midnight Mass is unbelievably worth the wait. The work done to establish each character is a true testament to what well-rounded, flawed character writing should be. Even the most corrupted of souls is engrossing throughout the seven episode run, making for the occasional lulls in pacing a justified thing. 

I’ve been eagerly awaiting my chance to bear witness to Midnight Mass and now that I have, it really was all I could have hoped for. Call me a believer. Call me a devout follower of whatever Church of Humanity’s Horrors that Flanagan has built. Call me a faithful servant to whatever he cooks up next. I’ll gladly dedicate more of my time to more work of this kind. 

I’m proud of you… God is proud of you.” 

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