Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Similarities between Singin’ in the Rain and 2006 cultural reset, High School Musical:

• Male lead who is a star (movie star/basketball star) and female lead who is trying to establish herself/her identity (movie star/find her place in a new school)
• Two leads have one of their first interactions at a party, where they stare into each other’s eyes and a musical number is included 
• Brought back together by unexpected chance
• Villain is a hyper-feminine woman, known for her extravagance and dramatics
• Villain is being pushed out of the space where their identity is centered by new female lead
• Villain is attracted to male lead and repeatedly attempts romantic allurement
• Male and female lead must hide their romance for a variety of reasons
• Female leads are pitted against each other with one being set on a moral high ground over the other
• Point of tension in film where male and female leads are at odds with each other and it seems like their romance may not happen 

In conclusion, High School Musical is just Singin in the Rain recontextualized to appeal to young audiences. 

I loved Singin’ in the Rain, infinitely more than I ever could have anticipated! To hear more of my thoughts, especially my unwavering love for Lina Lament, check out this week’s episode of Cineflek!

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