The Forest for the Trees

The Forest for the Trees ★★★★½

Nothing could have prepared me for how emotionally raw of a watch The Forest for the Trees was. I don’t think I’ve seen the niche these forms of insecurity that fester when you’ve just moved to a new place, to start the career you’ve always wanted, only to realize none of it is going the way you had hoped presented so articulately and accurately on screen before. Being in your 20s, despite common belief, kind of sucks!!! And Maren Ade seems to have known that quite well whilst making her debut feature. 

The runtime feels nowhere near as short as the film actually is. Ade most definitely knows how to utilize her runtimes wisely, making sure every interaction and moment on screen counts and adds to the general energy of the work at large. The visuals are almost distractingly simple in execution but in doing so, you’re forced to really, truly sit in the anxiety and uncertainty that the lead, Eva Löbau, is so deftly performing. 

Raw feels like an understatement. I feel like I just spent an hour and twenty minutes picking at a wound that cut right into my heart. Absolutely exceptional.

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