The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

A knight should know better.” 

Such a sentiment rings throughout David Lowry’s The Green Knight, reverberating from mesmerizing scene to mesmerizing scene like a death call. Our young Sir Gawain is a marooned man, set adrift by a quest that feels bigger than him, the King whose honor he desires, or the blur of figures who step forward with an unnerving aura of “friend or foe?”.

The scale of the landscapes that lay themselves forth for the audience to devour take on the singularity of Patel’s presence on screen and magnifies it, shrouding all in a smothering cloak of loneliness, unease, and dread. So. much. dread. Deliriously blinding in its pacing, each event is lovingly book-ended between title cards that allude without revealing their inner workings. Dark fantasy storytelling at its most withholding, in that the subtext that underlies what is more overtly presented feels like a silent figure who will not share its true intentions unless you kneel before it, quiet your heart, and accept your destiny without a single flinch. 

Believe it or not, The Green Knight is A24’s most homoerotic film.

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