Wolfwalkers ★★★★½

I’m not a girl! I’m a Wolfwalker!” 

Easily the most visually stunning animated feature of the year. Yes, I haven’t seen Soul yet. No, that will not change my mind. Cartoon Saloon’s latest is one that I’ve been following the production process of through Twitter for quite sometime and as the year has progressed, has become more and more one of my most anticipated of the year.  

Wolfwalkers is teeming with life. There is so much spirit and heart embedded in every single frame, creating an aura of pure and simple magic. The characters are well designed, fluidly animated, and possess deeply expressive voice acting that allows one to fully fall into the lore, mysticism, and wonder. 

Not only are the visuals and score refreshingly unique, the story is plump full of such strong emotions. The emotion I found most compelling and thrilling to see portrayed was the sensation of girlhood rage. It’s bristling underneath the surface, growing stronger as we progress along, allowing for a cathartic explosion that feels fitting and profound and so very similar to the very rage I myself experienced so often as a child. 

On a personal note, Wolfwalkers’ story is so aggressively up my alley. I was, to put it lightly and to not go too into the embarrassing details, a major wolf girl as a kid/preteen/even into my teens. Like the type of wolf girl who....... participated in countless freewebs based roleplay sites about wolves. It’s an aggressively nerdy thing to have been a part of and to disclose but it was so much fun. Building entire worlds and packs and our own lore and legends and then creating plots and characters and enemies and countless other elements. At the very least, it gave me great online friends, a great place to learn how to truly write, and a great place to geek out about one of my favorite animals. Maybe I still am a wolf girl even now in my 20s, if we’re being honest, just not as intensely. But all that to say, I love wolves. And I love the story here in Wolfwalkers, in both its lore, in its much more human components, and in the way nature and humanity are so intrinsically interwoven. 

Absolute magic. 

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