Folk Horror: A Study

Every film mentioned in the documentary "Woodlands Dark and Days Betwitched: A History of Folk Horror", organized in order of appearance/mention! Films included are only those spoken of directly by interviewees or films shown with onscreen mention of title/director/release year.

Part 1 - The Unholy Trinity (Witchfinder General, The Blood on Satan's Claw, The Wicker Man)
#1 - 8

Part 2 - Who is This, Who is Coming? - Signposts of British Folk Horror
#9 - 46
Discussed but not on Letterboxd: Escape into Night (Richard Bramall, 1972), Century Falls (1993), Bagpuss (1974)

Part 3 - We Don't Go Back - Paganism and Witchcraft
#47 - 58

Part 4 - Call Me From the Valley - American Folk Horror