The Queen's Gambit ★★★★★

i am in love with every man on this show it is so unhealthy.

but actually
this show was so good. like genuinely amazing. i never liked chess besides that one period of time when i was in chess club as a small child, this show was so FASCINATING. i am so amazed at how they made chess sexy. the writing is SO FUCKING GOOD. the cinematography is actually really good too, there’s an interesting switch up in styles throughout the episodes depending on what point in beth is at in her journey. it’s really cool. and the colors!!! yes ma’am!!!

performances are beyond excellent, anya taylor-joy is BEYOND amazing and deserves every accolade ma’am i am so gay, thomas brody sangster KILLED IT sir u are so sexy. harry melling is such an unexpected addition but we love to see it, he’s so good. why are there so many hot chess players in this show

i love love love love this show so much i don’t even know what else to say

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