Simple Men

Simple Men ★★★★

I love the relationship between the central brothers — every time bill tries to be a tragic noir protagonist, dennis just bickers with him, arguments going on a little too long, just enough to turn absurd. I don’t have siblings, but I imagine if I did they would be relentless undermining my dramatic tendencies too. I had to check if the two actors were actually brothers, their dynamic is so natural. 

The tone is so weird — I’m laughing but not sure if it’s nervously or not. All the men have a kind of inherently failed heroism, from bill, to his father, to the cop interrogating kim at her door. the women are both complicated and enigmatic in a way I found very cool but also very real. I love the verbosity of the script and all the performances, and the dance scene was so fun — and so unusual, the way that two different dances and two kinds of intensity were both happening at once.