Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

ok I travelled an unreasonable distance due to an impulsive decision to catch an encore screening so here are some notes before release:

- I loved it more upon re-watch, mainly because the crowd was much more subdued so I was never taken out of really touching scenes because of inappropriate laughter 
- THE SCORE!!!! It's so playful, light and transporting. it also flows very well into the sweeping romance of sufjan stevens' songs (I PAID ATTENTION THIS TIME AND ONE OF THE SONGS IS CALLED "MYSTERY OF LOVE." DROP THE SINGLE, SUFJAN.) 
- I love the abundance of piano music in the first half when we're firmly in Elio's perspective (also the girl next to me groaned when Elio's parents forced him to play for guests LMAO SOLIDARITY)
- I also noticed that in the first half, Armand Douglas Hammer and his thighs are framed to look HUGE. The softening of that perception is so 💯
- I initially thought the movie was a bit overlong, but upon second viewing I think grace notes like Elio & Oliver's prolonged bike ride made the movie even more beautiful - conveyed the slice-of-life slowness of summer & their budding relationship. 
- The dance scene is one of the most mesmerising scenes in filmé and that's just a fact. 
- I re-read some of the book and the final speech is literally word-for-word. Stunning how natural it comes off on screen. Also the cuts they made were really well thought out (although I recommend everyone reads the book for a lovely supporting character I sorely missed and more elaborate fairytale moments.) 
- The way Timothée Chalamet whisper-repeats things like they're a prayer is so hypnotic, jesus. WHERE DID THEY FIND THIS KID. "Elio Elio Elio" "Oliver" more like kill me, kill me, kill me.

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