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This review may contain spoilers.

this is so metaphorical 

since i first watched parasite two weeks ago, it has consumed my thoughts to the extent that i have dreamt about it multiple times, and find that a few hours simply can’t pass without the film entering my brain in some form or another.

the thought which has attracted my attention the most, however, is the element of class struggle and division within the movie. my communist brain eats that shit up! i’ve come to conclude that (in my interpretation anyway), the two opposing poverty-stricken families represent two different extreme ways in which the proletarian can respond to class consciousness and the profound inequality that exists between themselves and the bourgeois family they work for. 

mr kim (particularly after the climax of the film) and his family clearly express class conscious and hostility for the park family, for example with choong-sook’s comment how “they are nice because they are rich”. at the end of the film, mr kim’s resentment of the disparity between his own lifestyle and that of the park’s, as well as the park’s own distain for mr kim and his ‘poor’ smell, ultimately drives mr kim’s rage over the edge as he murders his employers; the ultimate revenge for the humiliation workers such as himself and his family are forced to endure at the hands of their employers.

at the opposite extreme, we have moon-gwang and her partner geun sae. who have nothing but “respect”, and even praise, for the park family, despite the parks having evidently no respect, or even sympathy, for the couple. geun sae remains loyal to mr park even in death as his final words are how he respects mr park so much, even despite mr park being evidently revolted by geun sae.

these layers of meaning are part of the reason why this film is so potent, why it stays with you forever. 

a film can be excellent because it has beautiful cinematography, a brilliant score, haunting acting performances (etc), or a film can be excellent because it has interesting themes, or acts as a striking social commentary. 

in the case of parasite: it is excellent for both reasons.

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