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  • La Dolce Vita
  • Taste of Cherry

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  • The Velvet Underground

    The Velvet Underground


    When asked about the band, someone commented “it had entropy within it.” The same rings true to Todd Haynes’ first documentary covering a rock and roll band which existence changed the genre ever since.

    The Velvet Underground isn’t supposed to be experienced in a linear manner similar to a traditional kind. The documentary is as much a portrait of moods than it is a backstory of the heightened influence of the band. Haynes understands the appreciation of key players like…

  • Titane



    The feeling of holding my wanting to puke after eating a giant banh mi the whole movie makes it a more thrill inducing and memorable watch. Would 10/10 recommend.

    Personal joke aside, it’s a movie so grotesque, so insane, so thought out, so excruciatingly weird, and so endearing that I promise I never want to watch this ever again. Titane does not let you chill for even a minute. The level of absurdism is in par with the unsettling, transgressive…

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Is it me not having watched a single movie at a theatre for nearly 2 years or is the audiovisual quality exceptionally top notch despite watching this only in an old 13-inch Macbook Air and Airpods Pro?!?

    Imagine watching this at a theatre!!

    Sadly the AV quality and atmosphere can only save it for a strong 3.5, or a light 4. There are scenes where I went like “Oh, that’s some smart analogy and symbolism” but then left me emotionally blank afterwards. It’s Lowery but I gotta agree it’s relatively choppy.

    P.S. Dev Patel is a godsend.

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    This is my fourth Wong Kar-wai film and I can safely say that there’s some magic in anything he touches.

    I truly can’t complain on anything, really. The use of colors is explosive, the camera work is undoubtedly stylish (if not, out of this world) and the characters are impeccably something. Watching his movies feels like giving access voluntarily to an unexplored realm in myself I never knew existed.

    So many movie plots revolve around similar interconnected love stories, but…