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  • Gaslight



    even though I haven’t gotten myself really into the noir genre yet, I consider this to be my favorite “noir film”. I just love this story so, so much, it is simple yet interesting and well executed. ingrid bergman’s acting is perfect, and I love how the influences on human behavior and sanity are explored through this film. also, joseph cotten is so handsome and charming... sir, if you ever want to come save me from getting mad or being murdered please know that I am free all the time.

  • Häxan



    to muito surpresa com meus sentimentos em relação a esse filme, porque geralmente cinema mudo não me é lá tão querido assim, exceto por aquele convencional de keaton e chaplin, MAS eu simplesmente amei esse filme.
    por ele não ser explicitamente de comédia, eu pensei que eu teria uma experiência tediante assim como nosferatu (1922), mas a abordagem didática e divertida que ele traz é tão bem feita, tão incrivelmente bem feita, que eu passei o tempo inteiro ligada àquilo…

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  • Living Together

    Living Together


    as I watched this movie, I found myself feeling some sort of pride. I was proud of anna karina.

    I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her to untie her image from godard, and from the idea of being someone’s muse, instead of being an independent star herself. 
    here it’s her debut as a director, writer and producer, apart from that 60s nouvelle vague-ish atmosphere, where she could finally be the artist she was, and honestly it…

  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


    it’s funny how we are totally blinded by fate, and we never see such tragedies coming. a love story betrayed by time and chance, a love that slowly became longing, but still managed to remain in its true form by tiny little pieces of memories that will last forever, memories of faithful, innocent and unbroken times.
    to me it’s when geneviève’s mother says “people only die of love in movies.” that shit gets real: life is not a movie. we…