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  • Madam Satan

    Madam Satan


    What a wild film! I think besides all of the obvious insane aspects of this movie, the craziest part to me is their meager effort in making this a musical. Sure, dress a plain housewife up as a devil to seduce her own husband at a masquerade in a zeppelin, but don't give the freaking MAID the first song of the film FORTY minutes in! My other gripes with this movie: Reginald Denny's long hair, how much of a fuckboy…

  • The Girl Downstairs

    The Girl Downstairs


    This movie is SO precious! Franciska Gaal is absolutely sparkling and memorable here, reminding me of Luise Rainer with a splash of Zsa Zsa Gabor. I was recommended this film because of Reginald Gardiner, but he's hardly in it, as great as his few scenes are. Franchot is always a charming and underrated leading man, though his role here is a bit less likable than some of his others. The romance is delightful though, and this is one of the…

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  • When Ladies Meet

    When Ladies Meet


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie is brilliant. The script is so modern and this is just about the closest we’ll get to a pre-code viewed through a feminist lens. The entire fireplace scene between Ann Harding and Myrna Loy in which they talk about Mary’s book and how they only care about women’s opinions of it was perfect enough, but they took it a step even further by showing a love triangle that ends with both women realizing that they’re strong independent women…

  • The V.I.P.s

    The V.I.P.s


    Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe and jewelry earn a star. The fact that this is probably the loveliest she ever appeared on film earns a star. Rod Taylor's Australian accent earns a star. The fact that Louis Jourdan is in this earns a star. Hence, four stars. I don't make the rules.