King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

I’ve got a real hankering for some monkey-based media right now, so I watched maybe the most iconic Ape-centric film of all time.
I’ll make the disclaimer right now that this movie came out in 1933, and comes with all of the baggage one would probably expect from a story from that time period. The treatment of the natives on Skull Island is naive at best and horrifically racist at worst. The sexism however is so ridiculous and matter-of-fact that it really held some strong comedic value to me, so I admittedly don’t mind it very much (“But Jack, you hate women!”).
Otherwise, this is just great old-fashioned movie magic on display. The set pieces are very impressive, arguably even to this day, and the stop-motion monsters, while not completely immersive, have their own charm and the work it took to make them look as nice as they did with the technology available is a feat in and of itself. But I died laughing every time a character fell and a small puppet ragdolled limply to the ground. That’s the kind of charm that I was talking about that makes this so fun to watch.
The score is also very fun and fittingly powerful for a character like Kong.
My rating is probably inflated a bit, but I think King Kong deserves to be recognized as a historical milestone in cinema. Without it we simply wouldn’t have gotten so many great movies from all sorts of different genres. Godzilla wishes he had that kind of influence!

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