Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★½

news from chile:

friday, february 5. panguipulli. after an attempt at "identity control" (a local fascist registration mechanism used from prejudice, reinforcing the punishment and segregation of the poorest), a cop shoots a street juggler six times for refusing to be taken to the police station. the cop would adduce "legitimate defense" as an excuse, since the juggler carried a pair of machetes (which were props, blunted to carry out his artistic work)

sunday, february 7. pedro aguirre cerda, santiago. another young man is found deceased in another police station. he would have been previously arrested for not carrying his safe-conduct to transit during a quarantine day. the cops say that the young man committed suicide, having hung himself from his cell, although there is no evidence of this since his body appeared in a blind spot in the prison. the young man allegedly hung himself up with a blanket given to them by the cops, which is unlikely considering that during these days chile experiences a heat wave due to the high temperatures

tuesday, february 9. calama. an official of the legal medical service (a local body dedicated, among other things, to forensic examinations) denounces that a couple of cops left a seriously injured person abandoned on the side of their establishment. the man, who unfortunately would end up dying moments later, was a bolivian citizen. the circumstances surrounding his death are still not well understood

this movie is a documentary

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