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  • John Wick

    John Wick


    Ridiculous, which is ok once the action kicks in. Creative kills, well choreographed fight scenes.

  • To Be or Not to Be

    To Be or Not to Be


    A most unusual beast. Starts off as pure comedy, with snappy dialogue, but suddenly turns into a fairly gripping thriller. Later, tendrils of comedy return to infiltrate the film. Somehow, it feels all of a piece. Surprisingly erotically charged at times.

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  • Skyscraper



    It's the bottom of the barrel that's being scraped here, not the sky.

    Skyscraper is Die Hard with Anna Nicole Smith in the Bruce Willis role. In an effort to differentiate the two movies, they made her a helicopter pilot. Normally this would make the plot highly unbelievable (she takes on a gang of terrorists). But by the time the plot kicks in, you will already have given up on any hope that this is anything more than soft…

  • The Usual Suspects

    The Usual Suspects


    The greatest trick Bryan Singer ever pulled was convincing the world this was a great movie.

    The first time I saw it I had a good time. Just like Dave Kujan, I got a surprise at the end. But something was gnawing at me. Why did my esteem for the film diminish as time passed? I only figured out the problem when I watched the movie again: the script. It's a big gaping hole in the middle of the…