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  • Residue



    A woozy, intimate, impressionistic debut, and a great one at that. The story is about Jay, a young filmmaker who returns from LA to his childhood neighborhood in Washington D.C. to work on a script. When he gets there, he’s troubled and disoriented by the gentrification he finds is revamping the streets on which he made the memories of his youth, and by the gun violence and drug use/dealing for which some of his old friends are doing serious time. Lyrically…

  • The Calming

    The Calming


    After a breakup, some people need noise and distraction to subdue their loneliness, while others, paradoxically, might seek the restorative power of quiet and solitude. Lin, the documentary filmmaker we follow in this spare and exquisitely serene film, falls in the latter camp. As she travels alone by train between China, Japan, and Hong Kong for various reasons—to see her parents, visit friends, screen her latest film—she’s perpetually tuning into her surroundings, searching for solace in the sights and sounds of…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Dense and mystifying. It’s an unmooring in time and a maze of non sequiturs that Kaufman refuses to hold our hand through. As it does for Lucy, realizing that a relationship is on the brink of becoming serious, and the question of whether or not you should break it off, can open the floodgates to thoughts and anxieties about family, aging, the memories you have and will make, who you are now and who you'll be later. Kaufman wades through…

  • House



    To distance herself from her new stepmom over summer vacation, a schoolgirl invites five of her friends to come with her to her Aunt's remote country house, where they encounter the supernatural. Extravagantly stylized with all kinds of lo-fi effects and colorful sets, it's a cheesy, trippy, madcap synthesis of the macabre and comic, a haunted house movie with dancing skeletons and human-eating furniture that turns the spooky into the psychedelic. Like if Disneyland's Haunted Mansion starred Asian schoolgirls and was made by an acid junkie with a thing for daytime soap operas.