A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

The best Cloverfield movie to come out this year.

Joke aside, A Quiet Place is brilliant.

Comedians seem to be on a roll within the horror/directing category at the moment with Jordan Peele starting off the trend, Krasinski responds with something very special of his own.

Post alien invasion we are introduced to Krasinski’s bleak world, where anything over a whisper could be met with vital consequences. We meet John Krasinski and real/fictional wife Emily Blunt alongside their children in ‘Day 89’ as we are invited into their daily survival routine. Conversation used via sign language as a way to keep their fight for survival going emphasises the importance of a mute ambience, which unfortunately often gets lost in it’s score and pre empting scare. That being said it doesn’t detract too much from the powerful and nerve destroying scenes that continuously feel like a punch to the gut.

It’s this sort of originality that the genre desperately calls for. A Quiet Place will certainly leave it’s mark within the horror community.

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