Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Whoa like oh geez this is just incredible. 

If you don’t like this movie then get help IMMEDIATELY.  .  . PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I think my top three right now are:
1.Citizen Kane
3.Singin’ in the rain

And yes that’s me trying to be objective. This is incredible abosolutely amazing. The commentary on film criticism, Hollywood, and people in general is phenomenal. Everything about this is perfect. From the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING INCREDIBLE STUNNING UNWORTHY TO BE WITNESSED BY HUMBLE HYMAN EYES, performances. To the breathtaking cinematography to the fantastic script. Go watch this now if you haven’t. 

The song and dance numbers are the
Best ever.

If you think another film has better song and dance numbers you ant’ wrong

If you think this filmé isn’t funny your ant’ wrong 

If you think this is a bad film you’re cinematically incompetent.

If you think this film is not heart warming you’re beyond all help and reasoning.

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