Enola Holmes ★★★★

“You have to make some noise if you want to be heard.”
I was really excited for the movie because I love Millie, and she definitely didn’t disappoint.  Millie commands the screen the whole time, and I thought the 4th wall breaking fit perfectly with the movie and her character.  I really liked the messages the movie sent, and I don’t think they were forced onto you at all, which is always nice.  The movie definitely has its negatives tho.  It was a tad bit long for me.  And any old timey England setting usually bores me a little.  There’s no denying that if Millie wasn’t in this movie, there was no chance I would’ve watched it.  But in the end I got a fun adventure that left me satisfied.  I plan on watching it again soon!
Score: 82/100

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