Your Name. ★★★★★

Watched Japanese dub.

The movie excels at everything it tries, and almost never, if ever, trips along the way. The soundtrack, the story, the romance, and especially the visuals are all stunningly beautiful. The amount of jaw dropping shots in the movie is insane.

The plot twist in the film is executed perfectly, with just the right amount of subtle foreshadowing.

The film does throw a lot of metaphorical messages at you, which naturally directly relate to the main characters story, so it does feel a little too in-your-face there (Given that this may just be a Japanese culture thing though it's hard to say how it would come across as a native viewer).

While I was left wanting a bit more comedic slice-of-slice stuff early on with this concept, I can't deny that getting so deep so fast didn't hurt the film at all.

It's an overall roller coaster for your senses and emotions.