Free Guy

Free Guy ½


i can’t believe i actually enjoyed this but i’m not that angry i did. i think joe keery and jodie comer should be in everything (and that for every movie joe keery should dress in navy blue shirts). the first 45 minutes were so goddamn long though, and i know it was 45 minutes because for the first time in years i checked the time during a movie. an unholy thing to do. i have to say i still don’t know which one of the incels ninja was bc i’m too sexy to recognise these people (sorry). taika waititi should be in everything and chris evans shouldn’t have cameos. idc. also, this was guaranteed to win me over the second that futuristic fantasy arrangement played, but i still don’t know how the irony of including marvel and star wars refs and cameos works 20 minutes after declaring that movies are sadly all franchises and sequels now and it sucks. i do know it didn’t land if it was critique bc i smiled at a freaking lightsaber and people around me laughed. and deadpool 3 and the untitled free guy sequel are still due to exist. 

also, it dawned on me watching this that movies were going to be even more intertwined with technology from now on. ready player one blew me away but it was still a novelty, and a good one at that. it was anticipation mixed w sci fi and it came from 80s literature. in one word, it was legitimate. here i think i saw adam sandler dream the crossover between the pixel movie and the truman show. not sure if i’m ready for that to be more and more common. but again, enjoyable movie. i liked the romcom ending and the 50 combined seconds of anticapitalist messages. there are NO banks in a fantasy world! 

go see this. it’s a good time, and it’s nothing transcendant, but it (whether intentionally or not) raises a few worthy questions.

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