A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★★½

Great, now i’m emo in the middle of a Monday. 
So beautiful, as someone who relates to Shouya (except for the bully part lol) this really hit home. All of the emotional beats work incredibly well, especially when coupled with the slow, melodic-like pace of the quieter scenes. The shots are beautiful, I especially like the choice of framing and use of negative space.
It’s easy to watch this film and assume the sole message it’s trying to portray is “be nice to people, don’t bully,” and while it certainly is a central message, I think it has more to say about life’s little moments and how we may not realize how much of an impact we have on other people. Isolation can be so easy to fall into, blocking others out because we don’t feel like we mean enough or we don’t want to bother others. This film shows that even though we may close ourselves off, content with making as little waves as possible, even the smallest interaction with someone has an effect. You exist in other people’s minds, they think about you, how you’re doing, what you’re up to. The droplet motif in the film shows us that even the smallest drop still makes a ripple.

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