RoboCop ★★★★

„Nice shooting, son“ 

Finally!! After trying so many times to watch this It’s done. My first try was I think at 11-12 or sth but the dvd wasn’t working and after that another endless reasons let me wait for today :D. 

So what can I say is that I gladly enjoyed it no surprise ..I think when you love terminator you love this. It’s great for it’s brutality for it’s idea surely the score and surely the action scenes which are loads of fun. Cast is ok and so the predictability is after the half that this doesn’t reach for more stars for me but I think if I’ve watched this earlier in my life I think it nearly could have reached terminator greatness. Effects are phenomenal for it’s time but any younger watcher will say it isn’t watchable which is really sad but true. 

For me truly a classic.

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