The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Wow. Finally my cinema got it and I totally went in with my month card of endless cinegoing And it doesn’t disappointed me it flashed me. 

The year again showed me that it isn’t over with such a great and unique cineart of an film. Really also an oscarworthy cinematography winner but probably the movie was to strange which is the thing I love so much. Dafoe made my day after even 5 minutes when he made one of the greatest laugh flashes ever in cinema for me after Quentin’s cliff booth final. With a black and white color piece and a farting buccaneer the not expecting audience was flashed and I was enjoyed. 

Loved both performances till the end and I’m really not a fan of Pattinson but hell he wasn’t in the nearest weaker than dafoe in this. Both absolute magnificent and maybe robbed.. To the story it reminds me of my fathers favorite style of movies like the old german one „seawolf“ and so it absolute tensioned me till the end with this score and Ambiente surely also. 

If the year wasn’t as good this would surely have a higher rating but I can’t rate it 4,5 yet. Maybe when I will show it to my daddy who’ll surely love it..

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