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This review may contain spoilers.

James Bond: "Oh, so why do you need me?"
Q: "Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled."
James Bond: "Or not pulled. It's hard to know which in your pyjamas. Q."
Q: "007."

Paddington! :O

"Skyfall" is the third entry in Daniel Craig's run and my third encounter with the series. Not only is it fun and beautifully shot, but it's also my favourite out of the three films! The film follows the aftermath of Bond's incapacitation as a new villain is out for M's head. I had loads of fun, and I think my dad enjoyed it as much as I did.

Silva: "Now, they only eat rat. You have changed their nature. The two survivors. This is what she made us."

Speaking of the visuals, Roger Deakins made this the greatest-looking Bond film so far. From the Shanghai assassination to the Scottish finale, Deakins makes every frame wallpaper-worthy. The colours, silhouettes, and long-held action scenes are inspired. Roger Deakins is a master, and his talent is on effortless display.

Gareth Mallory: "Good luck, 007. Don't cock it up."

I enjoyed every character. Daniel Craig's Bond is still as badass and goofy as ever. M is stoic and kinda depressed. Ben Whishaw is such a perfect fit for Q that I freaked out when he appeared on-screen. Naomie Harris was charming with her limited screen time. And Ralph Fiennes is a living legend, playing M's boss with considerable authority and compassion. Even if their inclusion was unnecessary, everyone made their mark.

Kincade: "Now remember what I taught you. Don't let it pull to the left."
James Bond: "I'll do my best." [Bond obliterates two teacups.]
Kincade: "What did you say you did for a living?"

Unlike Craig's previous entries, I found this film had more to say. In "Skyfall", the writers touch upon cyber-terrorism and age but have a tighter focus on Bond's relationship with M. After M accidentally orders his execution, the film doesn't linger on his death since we know he's survived. So it moves on to the destruction of MI6 headquarters, the villain's relationship with M and Bond's backstory. After being hacked various times, Bond takes M to the Scottish countryside. To escape digital technology, Bond takes M to the Skyfall estate after she reclaims MI6's relevancy. There are cars and shotguns, but in the end, Bond can't stop time.

M: "So before you declare us irrelevant, ask yourselves, how safe do you feel?"

"Skyfall" is a glorious time. If this was the last one in Daniel Craig's run, I'd be very satisfied. But there are two more after this one, so we'll see if it can reach this high of a high. Before I end this review, the opening title sequence is the best (visually and sonically), Bond's stalker move in the shower was not okay, and M's speech, while Bond rushes to stop the villain, is masterful.

Sévérine: "Who doesn't appreciate the occasional twists, Mister?"
James Bond: "Bond. James Bond."

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