Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★


Taika Waititi is a god. In an interview, he said that they improvised 80% of this movie and "ad-libbed and threw in stuff". What? How? This film is so well-polished. It might be more impressive than Iron Man. Holy crap!

Thor: Ragnarok is a space action-comedy. Gone is the Shakespearean drama, dumb side characters and boring-ass humans. Instead, we have Jeff Goldblum, spaceships and all sorts of crazy creatures!

Even on a rewatch, I enjoyed this movie. I remember all the jokes throughout most of this marathon, so I don't laugh when I hear them again. But this time, it was hysterical. I didn't hold back any laughter.

Now this movie has two parts: the space comedy and the dreary Asgard epic. Look, the main thing that drags this film down is the Asgardian subplot. Luckily it gets less screen time (I think), and we get more of Thor and Hulk in space, but Asgard plus its main villain keeps me from giving it four stars.

I like the side characters like Doctor Strange, who I prefer here than in his standalone movie (hot take). Hulk talks now which gives Thor more to work with and makes their interactions even funnier. Valkyrie has a tragic backstory, but her personality is still fun and charming. And Loki went from chaotic-evil to chaotic-neutral, which I think suits his character way more. Hela was fun, had an actual personality (dark elf, please go away) and understandable motivations. I mean, I can't sympathise with her, but they're believable. And Taika Waititi is such a treat playing the rock called Korg. I want to start a revolution with him!

Thor: Ragnarok is a fun mix of Thor and Planet Hulk. It's a refreshing space odyssey and action-comedy. The characters are all charming, the sets are colourful, and the comedy works wonders. I recommend this one to fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk and Thor. If you thought Thor was boring, don't worry; Taika completely revamps him.

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SCORE: 8/10

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