Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story ★★★½

Weird: The Al Yankovic story is a musical biopic that is about a record breaking artist Weird Al. I’ve been listening to some of Weird Al Music and all are absolute brilliant. I was excited after all the Buzz at TIFF. I wished I could see this in a theater because this is a must see in the big screen. It still fits perfectly with the release on the Roku Channel and I hope it becomes very successful because I absolutely have a blast with this. Daniel Radcliffe is absolute brilliant and while I was watching this movie I couldn’t picture that he was the star in the Harry Potter films. Definitely one of his best roles for sure. Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna can be quite controversial on how different her character is in real life and fans probably won’t like her potrayal. Rainn Wilson is very wacky and definitely fits his persona. The performances are very top notch and especially the cameos in this film. The first hour I completely thought to myself this is the best musical biopic since Rocketman. It was funny and definitely would consider it top 10 of the year. Then the second act came and 30 minutes of the film I think is the weakest act of the film and I wish it was more humor and more fun than the first act. I would give a solid 7/10 in the second act. It was trying to be a little of its problems of the other musical biopics that is taken itself too seriously. The 3rd act is a lot better and definitely put a unpredictable spin of its ending and it was kind of funny. The music and concert sequences was great and definitely had an amazing time with this movie. 8/10 👍.

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