Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night ★★★★½

Werewolf by Night is a Halloween special from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a directorial debut by Michael Giacchino who composed The Batman, No Way Home, The Incredibles, UP and so much more. This is probably the best thing on Disney + since the Mandalorian Debuted. I love this and it’s very creative. Gael Garcia Bernal gave a great performance and really portrayed both human and werewolf. The werewolf design is very 1940s feel. Laura Donnelly gave a good supporting performance and a creepy performance by Harriet Sansom Harris. Giacchino direction here gave me a lot of great things and reminds me of the phase 3 content I used to love. The final song that played in the special gave me everything nostalgic and good old cinema with a lot more of a mature and gory approach to things and I really hope you get more work my friend because you did great things 👍

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