Skyfall ★★★★½

This is the movie to set the standards for action blockbusters; a film that's not only very entertaining, with great action sequences, but also a film that still has effort put behind it.

The Roger Deakins and Sam Mendes duo is one of the greatest director and cinematographer pairings in modern cinema. The attention from a visual standpoint put into this movie is something special. Roger Deakins's cinematography might be some of my favorite of the decade as he crafts what's one of the most visually appealing films I've seen. His use of bright vibrant colors and silluettes throughout the action sequences add to level a depth that you don't find in action blockbusters like this. In the fist fight sequence, the neon cyans and light blues pop off the screen and create for an intricacy that elevates the action sequences. Same with the bright and vibrant oranges and reds of the burning house near the end. The colors of this film are amazing and their utilization is what makes the cinematography so special.

The action sequences are also all really great. Mendes is a very talented director when it comes to building tension and suspense in his action sequences which was used very well in this film. His blocking in these large action set pieces helps build that suspense you find in every single gunfight. The shoot outs are all very well choreographed, especially the ones in the house near the end and in the courtroom.

Javier Bardem also gave a surprisingly excellent performance in this movie. He dominated every single scene he was in though some chilling line delivery. His disturbing mannerisms made him one of my favorite villains in any movie ever. Daniel Craig also did a good job, even if it was too a lesser extent. I think he encapsulates everything it means to be James Bond and he's the perfect protagonist for an action film like this.

I absolutely loved Skyfall, and this is definitely a new favorite action film for me. I'd highly recommend this movie to anybody, and I think this is the quintessential James Bond film. This movie above all else pushes the boundaries of what it means to be an action blockbuster and it's easily one of the greatest of its genre.