Captain Marvel ★★★★

i was worried about this movie after the first 35-40 minutes weren’t exactly what i was expecting, but once Brie Larson & Sammy Jackson take a car ride together, i buckled up for the rest of the ride. 

my only two real problems with this are the first 35-40 minutes where things feel somewhat slow and off-kilter, and some occasional script problems with dialogue, unclear explanations, and leaning maybe too hard into some cliches. besides those things, i really really REALLY liked this movie. 

1) the visuals are absolutely gorgeous and some select scenes are up there with Ragnarok and Guardians 2 for me (specifically that scene with Brie Larson & Jude Law)
2) Brie Larson.
3) Sammy Jack & Ben Mendelsohn.
4) the friendship between Carol Danvers & Maria Rambeau was so well-done and my favorite scene in the whole movie is a scene of them talking at a table. so good
5) the dogfights are FANTASTIC and made me feel like i was watching Star Wars, which is always a good thing
6) the score actually really heightens some scenes (specifically the dogfights) and i really appreciated it
7) another dope soundtrack! i mean, Just A Girl and Come As You Are?! two bops
8) the cinematography is really subtle with a lot of handheld shots, or shots that simulate a handheld camera, and i loved that
9) the humor didn’t always land for me, but when it did, it really landed and i was genuinely laughing. solid quips and classic comedy combined for some good humor. it’s fun!!
10) the Skrulls were very interesting and well-written and that’s all i say
11) Sammy Jack! & Ben Mendelsohn!
12) Brie Larson!!! she absolutely kills this role and is so cool and very charismatic. the fact that she was able to play a fish-out-of-water comedic type while being a large part of the film’s emotional core and looking terrifying in select scenes was great and i really expected nothing less from her

i had a hard time deciding between 4 stars & 4 1/2 but settled on 4. most MCU movies usually go up for me on rewatches anyway. either way though, this movie rocks and i enjoyed it a lot :)

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