Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★★

a few things i want to say but probably no one gives a fuck:

-  third times the charm they say so i went in hoping donna wasn’t **** but alas, she still is

-  several points were made during angel eyes

-  why did it have to be me is the new lay all your love on me srry i don’t make the rules

-  hearing the little snippets of angel eyes, chiquitita, take a chance on me etc. throughout the movie made my heart warm 

-  they had me sobbing in my love my life and two secs later dancing and singing to super trouper wow mm2 rlly is that bitch

-  when dancing queen and mamma mia starts playing i get a thrill of joy and pure happiness and i’m so glad i will experience that every time i watch this movie
-  yes we love waterloo sung by the original cast in the first one but hugh skinner’s waterloo is far more superior bc of the choreo, visuals, outfits, etc! (the lady in the wheelchair i love you queen)

-  jessica keenan wynn and lily james are the definition of perfect casting

-  sofia calling bill, her great-nephew, the most handsome stud in Europe yea sis I agree
-  when this movie goes on netflix i’ll be unstoppable
-  who do i have to pay to give josh dylan more roles!!!

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