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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    i have followed this characters roughly from the age of 5 (i basically learned to read on marvel comics) to my late 20s, so of course i have *some* kind of attachment to them.
    still i'm not super strict about adaptation, i love movies thor (the new more comedic version) way more than comic book thor.
    i also think comic book version peter parker was kind of a dick for years, so i don't really mind how good they *get*…

  • My Name Is Julia Ross

    My Name Is Julia Ross


    i swear i should take one star off just for the dialouge in the last scene, i will pretend it never happened instead.

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  • Tonight She Comes

    Tonight She Comes

    another entry in the "if i had to spend time with these characters i would probably kill myself before any killer comes" genre.

  • Revenge


    i would like someone to explain to me, like you do with a child, with simple words, what exactly does this film subverts.
    i was all game for subversion, anticipating, rooting for it, cmon subversion, cmon i'm here can't you see me, i'm here to meet you...

    ..and i'm still sitting there waiting

    subversion ghosted me.