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  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith


    Fuck you 2016.

  • Ocean's Thirteen

    Ocean's Thirteen


    By far the most overlooked chapter in the Oceans Trilogy which is a damn shame because it's pretty great. These are all things that occur in the film.

    1. George Clooney and Brad Pitt shed a tear or two while watching a segment of Oprah while also planning part of their heist. Brilliant.

    2. Don Cheadle dresses up as an Evel Knievel type character who is in full costume as he yells at Al Pacino. In this scene Don Cheadle…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    Honestly wish I had stayed home and watched Alien: Covenant for the fifth time. What a boring fucking way to "end a saga."


  • Signs



    Is this Shyamalan’s best movie? Yes it is.

    I will not accept any other answer. I ride or die for Signs.

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  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    Dear Michael Haneke,

    This is fucked up. But, it's like this really cool and beautiful type of fucked up though. Is it okay for me to like this so much? It's not like I was entertained, I just loved it. But, at the same time I'm really scared. Is it possible you could follow me around for the next few days and just explain some shit to me? I'd greatly appreciate that. Life just seems to be a tad bit more confusing after this one.

    Christian Childress

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    No one does fucked up quite like Fincher. That being said I fucking loved this. Granted, I may be a tad bit biased based on my love for Fincher (he is my favorite director). But, this was excellent.

    Having read the book I was worried about how this story would translate to film. Calm down everyone, it worked out just fine. Props to Gillian Flynn to sticking to her story and writing one hell of a screenplay. And props to…