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  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Rocco and His Brothers
  • Au Hasard Balthazar
  • Mean Streets

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  • Hit Man


  • The Football Factory


  • Death Game


  • Hollywood


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  • Hit Man

    Hit Man


    The humour is broad to the point of being goofy at times (though, to be fair, when the lady cop says she’d rip out her IUD for him I did almost fall out of my seat with laughter). Maybe not as hot as some people are saying it is because the sex scenes feel so silly. But my god: Glen Powell carries this confectionary weightless crime caper on his not-inconsiderable shoulders. A shapeshifter, a stone-cold fox, and a total weirdo. In short: a real Movie Star™️ 

    Also: The montage of movie hitmen - ft Suzuki’s Branded to Kill - rules

  • Hollywood



    Comfort viewing for me. Also moving, educational, funny, sometimes eyebrow-raisingly dated on race and sex. Features some unbelievable talking heads from King Vidor to Lillian Gish, people who seem too burnished and legendary and unreal to actually just be sharing their memories to camera.

    A must-see for anyone w/ an interest in film history, particularly the episodes on silent-age stuntmen and on Swanson & Valentino.

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  • Priscilla



    I've liked and respected a lot of Sofia Coppola's work before, but never been so heart-piercingly touched by any of her films, and loved one so wholly. A glossy, intentionally hollow, suffocatingly pretty motion picture full of deeply-felt yearning, thwarted desire, and pain, in an era where there was no vocabulary to describe the dynamics of what was happening.

    One of the most moving depictions of feminine abjection, persona-creation, and loss of identity. It understands how intoxicating and sexy and…

  • Expend4bles



    Wish Sly would have turned up in a helicopter and rescued me from seeing this 

    S/o to Tony Jaa I guess

    Also nice to see Megan Fox back onscreen doing her sultry dead-eyed fuckdoll thing, the 00s really are making a return