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  • Don't Knock Twice

    Don't Knock Twice


    Play the game. Its better

  • Blackfish



    Great piece on the captivity of orcas. Shows an inside look of how shady the practice is and the results of trying to tame an animal the size of a school bus. If your even remotely interested in conservation or aquatic science, this is a must watch.

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  • The Haunting in Connecticut

    The Haunting in Connecticut


    Not a bad movie but not one I would watch again. One of those movies that when it came out, I remember a ton of people talking about. Took me 11 years but I finally watched it and it was alright.

    Virginia Madsen delivers a solid but flawed at times performance. Martin Donovan plays the alcoholic light bulb thief you love to hate and forget he exists. Everyone one else is fairly okay without any major gripes.

    All in all.…