Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia ★★★★½

I rewatched this movie and reread my review and thought it didn’t do it justice. I think that the idea of the stranger in a strange land has been an really interesting film trope that got revolutionized in this movie when it inspired stories like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and dune. However, except for dune, none of these stories really established the idea of the dangers of being a profit for a large group of people. Which was a very prominent theme that stuck with me after finishing the film 

Some people think that this movie is slow and I honestly agree. The fact that it’s so slow is probably my only complaint but everything else is pretty incredible. I could go on and on about it’s cinematography but that would be a waste of everyone’s time so I’ll just say that it was pretty good. Definitely a must watch for future filmmakers. 🎥🐪🏜

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