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Author/Editor Confessions of a Trash Fiend and Grind. Milliganite. Pachardian. Brownriggian. I like movies.

Favorite films

  • Getting Together
  • The Rules of the Game
  • The Magnificent Ambersons
  • Shadow of a Doubt

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  • Lilies of the Field


Recent reviews

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    In a small Canadian town everyone is crabby and corrupt until a mystic comes to town and zaps everyone with a purple aura and for some reason disintegrates trees. The works of 70s self-actualization psychiatrist (now discredited) Abraham Maslow are referenced and sure enough disembodied voices intone "you must self-actualize..." I kept wondering if there was a brief cult built around his philosophy and if this were a recruitment movie, like the Billy Graham films, but made in the late…

  • Cheaters



    A tough movie to watch, which is part of it's construct. Gambling addicts band together as casino cheats and watching their miserable lives feels like you're scratching at an infected sore. In moments of victory things usually turn sour which is why the happy (urp) ending is such a know it will never last and they'll end up wrecking their lives anyway. 1984 logic is a problem as well as even then their grand scheme would've been noticed by…

Popular reviews

  • Wolfpack



    Way too obvious football/fascism orbit....the goose-stepping, the team's anthem mirrors "Tomorrow Belings to Me" from Cabaret, the lead player is nicknamed "Jack Boots" a sound-alike of his name, and all of it's done without a lick of humor but it's watchable 80s blandness and plays like a YA novel (think "The Chocolate War".) I hated the flash- forward montage at the beginning and the ending scene. From the director of A Scent of Heather, Blonde in Black Silk and many…

  • Streetwalkin'



    Shot in Times Square authenticity goes a long way in making this work, a few silly misteps...giggly s and m encounters, Julie Newmar camp, almost take it down a peg or two to an Angel or Vice Squad level but all of these places are real and gone. Deuce worshippers should pray at the altar. Early Melissa Leo role, she's amateur here but ok, a razor sharp Antonio Fargas but when hasn't he been, and an overacting Annie Golden of…