Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

"It's a little tight around the old web shooter."

With losing most interest in the MCU years ago and being completely unimpressed with the previous Spider-Man movie, Homecoming, I didn't really plan on watching any of the sequels originally.
I got a bit curious though recently and given that Jake Gyllenhaal, one of my favorite actors, plays Mysterio, one of my favorite Spider-Man villains, I decided to give it a shot.

I definitely enjoyed Far From Home a lot more than I did Homecoming. The writing is still kinda odd at points, especially concerning the interactions between the teenagers and some of the subplot drama instigators, and I'm never gonna be a big fan of Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Nothing against Holland himself, but the MCU's version of the character and his performance just never worked for me much. I even think Garfield's Spider-Man was more charismatic.
That aside, I did really enjoy Gyllenhaal's Mysterio even if the character's backstory is a bit half-assed and falls apart a bit in the final act. His performance was really engaging though and the subject of the special effects offers some really nice visuals and action scenes. I especially liked that sequence in the bridge corridor with the camouflaged drones near the end.
It was also nice to see Samuel L. Jackson have so much screentime, even if his character does not hold the same energy that he used to. And Jon Favreau as Happy was actually quite fun in this one.
I also thought that Zendaya was pretty charming as MJ and it was a fairly refreshing version of the character, even if some of the quirky writing was a bit dull.

Many of the dramatic aspects of the script are fairly dusty by this point. Especially in regard to Peter Parker's struggle to fulfill expectations and balancing obligations with personal life. But Holland does some decent dramatic acting in the final scene and it was actually somewhat effective to see him completely exhausted and almost broken at one point.

I think this is my first MCU movie in over two years now and I'm sure the break helped, but this was definitely one of the more enjoyable Marvel movies for me.