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This review may contain spoilers.

"His feet stink like a rotten dog."

Finally I have seen Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. I originally heard of this film when Adam Johnston aka Your Movie Sucks mentioned it as his favorite movie of all time. I was very interested. When I began to see random clips and images from it on the internet I was even more intrigued.
I was expecting a weird work of surrealism, probably full of things to interpret. One of those films you are supposed to think about and analyse.

What I actually got was far more fascinating than that and blew my mind on a totally different level than I expected. I can't talk about this film without mentioning the ending, so that's why I have this tagged as spoilers. But this ending defines the whole film to me as a giant fuck you to movie watchers, but in a good way.

So, with my expectations I was going into this film trying to understand the meanings and messages. It seems like a commentary on the bastardisation and oversaturation of religion at first. The whole Jesus character, the Jesus copies, the tourists, the conquistadors... All of that stuff. But the longer the film went on the more mixed messages and weird things get thrown into the viewers' face. You can spend days analysing every single details in this film. It's an amazing continuos stream of absolute surrealism.
One has to admire the mind that thought of all this weirdness.

Towards the end they reach the titular Holy Mountain and one character says something along the lines of "now all we have to do is wait until our mind decomposes" followed by some of the weirdest out of context scenes. The viewers' mind sure as fuck is on its best way to decompose too.

And then that fucking amazing ending. "It's just a film."... "Go back to reality."....
This was amazing.
To me this entire film is a message to people who take film seriously, maybe too seriously. You can spend all your time analyzing every single odd bit of this film but in the end it doesn't matter because this is not reality. Like the film says itself "It's just a film."

And in that sense the whole film suddenly made sense to me in how it doesn't actually make sense in most parts of it. I'm convinced all easy to interpret messages are just red herings to draw the viewer in and a lot of this stuff is nonsensical on purpose to trick the viewer into analyzing things to find meaning that isn't actually there.
To me The Holy Mountain is a genius play of art with the core message that you shouldn't spend all your time thinking about what is not real. When a film is over, return to reality.
And that is what I'm gonna do know. I don't care about the hundreds of pages written by people who studied this film. I don't care to look up any explanations.
To me this film is everything else, but that.

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