The Princess and the Frog ★★★½

I was never really very excited about this although I like drawn animated films by Disney. To hear this being their last one forever was really, really sad to me. I really don't know why every animated film has to be CGI nowadays.

The whole thing about the main character being black really blew up the film and made me think this is just some vehicle to get a positive ethnic message out there. Additionally I never cared for the plot at all. But still somehow I wanted to have this one off my list and so when someone suggested to watch it I complied.

The first bit before anyone is turned into a frog is the most uninteresting exposition stuf filled with sub standard songs and an awkwardly rushed pacing. I really didn't enjoy that stuff. It also made me say "goddamn white people" a lot more than it should. But I guess I like how they made the princess character unlikeable this time.
When the plot actually begins though and the main characters get green and slimy the entire film changes. Suddenly it's funny, creative, nice to look at and plain interesting. This is also were the interesting characters appear. Ray the firefly and Louis the crocodile are very nice companions.
I also enjoyed the voodoo man a lot and his shadowy friends reminded me a lot of the ghosts in Fantasia's "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence, which I love.

Still not a huge fan of the music though. Usually there is at least one song in Disney's animated movies I like, but this one has not a single song I would care to look up.
The ending was alright although uber-cheesy, even more than I'm used to with these films. It was a fun watch. A lot more fun than I actually expected.
Still one of the weaker animated films.
Weak 7/10 points.