Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

marvel: multiverse? i don't know her
marvel: *reanimating tony stark's corpse every 20 minutes*
marvel, repeating the trivial politics of winter soldier, civil war, and so on: maybe good guys... bad?


marvel has mastered the formula of making formulaic movies. reliably decent, even good, but not great.

far from home is not the clean continuation of endgame that i wished. now we're back to forgettable fight scenes and the whole superhero shabang, which is disappointing after the likes of infinity war and endgame. you got your flashbacks, references, repeating gags, "gotcha" twist, One (1) Shirtless Shot, check! i would've loved if they expanded the marvel cinematic universe (cough the MULTIVERSE cough), but the creators really wasted their opportunity. it really just felt like yet Another mcu installment.

far from home isn't anything we haven't seen before in the mcu -- apart from the very cool hologram bit, which i think was a pivotal moment that marvel should've taken advantage of to push the boundaries of the mcu. they could've very well made everything "real" -- and actually talk about the multiverse -- and more impactful, instead of reducing the whole conflict into a normal guy and his robots.

still, it's an enjoyable watch overall, thanks to the charisma of tom holland and jake gyllenhaal, the latter who shines in bits but is limited to an eventually unimpressive, one-movie character like michael keaton's vulture. no offense but god why are great actors who play mcu villains like jake and michael and mads mikkelsen and ben mendelsohn and james spade and tom hiddleston and cate blanchett treated like this!!!

anyways, it's a fine movie. it's a marvel movie. which ultimately makes spider-man: far from home an underwhelmingly watchable film.

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