A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★★½

This is actually the first anime film I’ve ever truly watched because like courtroom dramas, anime doesn’t appeal to me, however I’m so glad I did watch it because it’s so beautiful, not only because  of the animation, but also because of the genuine story and characters. As someone who has suffered from loneliness and low self esteem their entire life, this movie  really spoke to me and I really wished I watched it back when it initially came out because I was much more sad back then since I didn’t feel like anyone really liked me, but now I’m thankfully feeling much better since I joined this site because now I feel like people actually like me for who I am. Besides this movie being a tad too long imo, I really recommend everyone watches this film, even if you don’t really like anime, because it might speak to you in a way that it spoke to me.

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