I’ve honestly so afraid to post this review because I feel like people are gonna mock and hate me for saying this, which is perfectly fine and you’re absolutely free to yell at me in the comments if you want, but I have to get this off my chest and let it all out because I really just want to say how I truly about this movie, so here goes:

I don’t get why people like this movie, like I’m not saying you’re wrong if you do like it, I just don’t really understand at all. Like sure, this movie has a very big scope and fantastic production design, but to me, none of that matters when I couldn’t care less about anything that was happening. All the characters are so lifeless and are basically just exposition machines, and it doesn’t help that the actors are given nothing interesting to do. Literally the only character that I liked was Jason Momoa, and even then he was barely in this movie so it doesn’t even matter that much. The dialogue is basically just exposition, and maybe it’s because I’ve never read the books or seen anything else from the Dune franchise, but I found none of the dialogue interesting or engaging. I found the lighting to be incredibly dull and way too dark, like I get this movie takes place in the desert and all, but I just couldn’t appreciate the CGI and production design when I could barely see anything, which is a shame because I think that the framing of the shots are really good. The music is so overly loud, obnoxious, and not even all that memorable to the point where it felt like a parody. The action scenes are all shockingly forgettable and I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s because of the PG-13 rating neutering the action or the editing, but none of them really stand out in my mind and they all just blend together for me. I honestly feel like I’m the only one who really doesn’t like this movie at all, everyone is raving about it so much, and I feel so sad that I can’t rave about it as well. Trust me guys, I hate being a contrarian, but I just have to be completely honest about how I feel about sonething rather than lie and pretend that I like/dislike something, and this is truly how I feel about Dune.

I hope that you all can understand where I’m coming from, and like I said before, if you want to, you can yell at me in the comments for how wrong I am if it makes you feel better. I’m honestly really disappointed and I really hope that part 2 is way better, otherwise, I’m going to have to live with the fact that these movies just aren’t for me, but I am glad that these movies exist because they bring joy to so many of people, and that’s great, I just wish that I also felt the same amount of joy that so many of you feel, but that’s just something that I’m going to have to live with, and that’s fine.

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