Invasion of the Body Snatchers ★★★★

"Don't be trapped by old concepts Matthew..."

Masterful update that relocates the fear of losing one's identity and humanity from the Cold War paranoia about Communism and conformity in Don Siegel's original to a New Age-y, EST, and self improvement obsessed San Fransisco in the seventies. Kaufman is so effective at communicating the feeling that much of humanity has already converted ourselves into to pods of one form or another even before the invasion. This film's perfect rendering of the feeling of being in a city surrounded by people where everything looks exactly the same, but *feels* just a little bit off has only gotten more vivid.

Chills/Thrills: very creepy and effective stoking of paranoia and the uncanny sense of humanity fraying at the very edges of your perception. Perhaps Leonard Nimoy's best role channeling Spock into the villainous pop psychiatrist, David Kibner who pod or not, is turning us all into NPCs.

Gore/Ownage: One pretty gross scene of the pods giving a Goatse-style birth to the duplicated bodies they've been incubating, and one great scare with the hippie-dog hybrid. Overall, fairly mild.

Horniness: Brooke Adams gets naked at the end, but I love that one scene where she's worried about her husband's strange behavior and goes over to her work "friend" Donald Sutherland's house where he selflessly and objectively tells her that she should see a shrink because he could tell her that her husband is either cheating on her, contracted a venereal disease, or become gay.