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    For Criterion Challenge 2021
    38. Kelly Reichardt’s Top 10

    Meticulous mayhem. 

    I’ve been watching through Tati’s filmography, and this truly feels like a culmination of his previous three films: the slapstick of Jour De Fete, the casual movement through it’s scenarios of Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, and the distaste of modernism and technology of Mon Oncle. 

    There are truly so many wonderful visual gags and juxtapositions throughout, both naturally occurring through the plot, and tacked on for a good laugh. …

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Such a kind and delightful film.
    Thoughtful in its pacing, there’s no hurry even in the peak dramatic moments. When I was hunched over and focused during each mill heist I didn’t feel deep tension for the moment, I was just worried about two nice guys. 

    The character of Cookie is so beautiful and sincere. I truly connected with his mentality and demeanour. Such a gentle personality in what is typically missing in these settings. 

    The score to the film…

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  • Black Narcissus

    Black Narcissus


    For Criterion Challenge 2021
    12. 1940s

    Beautiful technicolor. The matte paintings are so believable and seamless. 

    Brilliant performances from all of the sisters. How loneliness shows its face and corrupts in different ways. 

    Some AMAZING shots of Sister Ruth and her growing derangement from the rest of the priory. Really beautiful cinematography and framing across the whole film. 

    (The brownface in this sucks! I know the film is of the 40s, but that’s no excuse! It sucks! It’s bad!)

  • Wolfwalkers



    Beautiful and fluid. 

    Love the way that they showed big emotional shifts through temporary changes to the animation style. Same with the comic panel transitions. This shows you everything you need to see by making full use of its style. 

    Heartfelt and full of care. A really touching story with some surprises and moments that hit harder than you’d expect. 

    Also all the wolves howling REALLY confused my cat.