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This review may contain spoilers.

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Upon rewatch the themes were much more prevalent here: Appropriation, Gentrification, Fatherhood, Life plans, and a fuck you to Kim Jong-un. 

The son is infatuated with Indian culture and his parents allow it, showing that they like the materialness of the culture but fail to recognize the strife of the culture. 

The housekeeper has lived there before the rich family moved in. She has been invested in that house since it was built and has established herself and most importantly her husband under the framework of the house. The rich are unbeknown to this fact and continue to live their life without realizing the situational factors surrounding the house.

This is a story about fatherhood and what a father will do to take care of his family. The sacrifices, the teachings, the life lessons to improve the next generation.

The son laughs at everything after he wakes up from the coma. He lost his rock and therefore lost his plan. And like his father told him, when you don’t have a plan they you have nothing to lose and you don’t care what happens next because your expectations weren’t ruined. Life is not planned. 

And the send button was like sending the nuclear bomb as they acted out North Korea’s infamous leader, mocking him and his delusional political practices. 

Yep, one of my favorite films now.

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