Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

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 Life imitates art 

(Cody types “Life imitates art” and thinks to himself that this is a moment in his life when he is beginning to write a review).

Synecdoche, New York (People know the title of the film, dummy, don’t write that).

(Cody erases text and types over) 

Kaufman imitates himself. (Go on Cody, you’re getting somewhere). The metaphysical genius, that is Kaufman, once again makes a metaphysical genius film that is so profound in telling this kind of story about human life, how we perceive others, and more importantly how we perceive ourselves in the world. There are so many instances in my life where I ponder how other people see me, do they even see me, do they even know me, how am I perceived from their point of view, how would I perceive myself from my point of view? And at the same time trying to prove to others that my life matters in entirety of the world. That my creations have an impact on the planet when I die, when in the grand scheme of things, is such a minuscule human need. We want to pass along a part of ourselves, whether it be kids, art, or even an actor playing the part of ourselves, to be remembered by future generations. (Whew those were some heavy topics to discuss. “Are you ok Cody? Yeah I’m good. Ok great, let’s make one last paragraph) 

(Hmm..) Kaufman is the king of exposing the existential dread within us, wanting to release a part of ourselves that will matter and last in this world. I wish I could spend a day being inside his mind (oh wait didn’t he write Being John Malcovich?)

(Ok, I think people will like this review. Should I edit it? I think it’s ok though. I wonder what people will think. Will they agree? I wonder how they perceive me? Oh here we go again...) 

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