El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★½

Not altogether necessary, but welcome nonetheless, El Camino serves as a satisfying enough epilogue to Breaking Bad and primarily acts as a more in-depth ending for the series' second lead (even though the note the finale left him on was pretty spectacular).

The movie feels like a series of vignettes, with Jesse Pinkman moving from location to location and encountering or remembering various characters from the series. Honestly, the main plot is well-done, but isn't as thrilling as some of the best episodes of the show. And I can't even say the movie exists as an excuse to revisit this world, as the superb Better Call Saul is still going strong.

But it still really works, if not as an overall experience, then as a reminder that Vince Gilligan & Co. know how to craft a damn good scene. There are several setpieces here that could sit along nicely with some of the show's best moments, most notably a welcome somewhat lighter scene featuring the late, great Robert Forster.

Again, El Camino doesn't feel all that essential; it won't make you look back at Breaking Bad in a different way. But it is a nice way to check back in with a character we followed the whole way, and remind us why the show was so hard to look away from.

Also, and I mean this with complete sincerity...Jesse Plemons for Best Supporting Actor?