I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

Upon hearing Tonya Harding's name, one tends to have a sour taste in their mouth. Her name alone brings memories of an "incident" that left the world stunned and completely derailed her career. While many know the general logistics of the story, I, Tonya introduces a different side of the story, blending fantasy and reality to create a fresh take on such a scandolous story.

It's always a treat to see a story told in a new light. Knowing of Tonya Harding's general story, it was interesting to see the various perspectives that the film offered, shedding new light on Harding's story. With the introduction of the various characters and their situations, it felt more like a biopic, rather than a straight film, even though there were some situations that may not have been exactly what occurred. This blending of fantasy and reality creates a dynamic that feels fresh and gives the film a unique look, especially when told like a documentary, with interviews spread throughout. It's a risky move creatively, but ultimaly works in the film's favor.

This film truly would not have worked without Margot Robbie. Robbie already is an actress that is gaining the status of a great actress, but her role as Harding truly is a role that was born for her, showing her true capabilities as an actor. She captivates every scene that she is in, completely overshadowing every other actor (other than Allison Janney), which typically would be a bad move, but seems to work in the film's favor, since it is a biography of Harding with the aid of other characters to keep the story going.

Just as Robbie captivates in every scene she's in, Janney manages to rival Robbie, both with very strong characters with strong personalities that create some interesting and amazing scenes between the two. The rest of the cast was fantastic, but really was overshadowed by Robbie and Janney. The film really is about Harding and deserves to be the center of the film. The rest of the cast acts as moving pieces to keep the film going, but still manages to be relevant to the story and keep things interesting.

I, Tonya is one of the most captivating biography films I've seen in a long time, and with Robbie in the lead, makes it one of the most memorable as well. Tonya Harding may not be as relevant today as she was before, but this film really brings her and her story in the spotlight and makes you wonder exactly how you've percieved the story, rather than how it was portrayed in the media. I, Tonya is one of the year's best films with one of the best leading performances, as well as supporting, so I'm crossing my fingers both get noticed this awards season.

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